3 days, maximum Dropbox referrals achieved!

May 08, 2012

Since the release of Google Drive and Amazon Cloud Drive, both come with a 5GB free plan, I as a long time Dropbox 2GB free plan user found myself was in a deep embarrassment...

Referrals come to rescue!

I don't how other Dropbox users have done it, I'd tried to invite my friends into this product, but no success at all. This time, however, I followed an instruction from lifehacker, and maximized my Dropbox space in 3 days!

What I have done is basically to run a Google Adwords ad with my referral link as its destination, if there is a person clicked the ad, registered a Dropbox account and then installed the desktop program, I got 500MB free space.

In addition to those keywords mentioned in that lifehacker article, I suggest you to add "cloud" and "cloud storage free" into the keywords list, because "cloud" is such a hot word currently on Internet ;)

I'm enjoying my large free Dropbox right now. But to be honest, this is a hack, and NOT everyone can apply this hack because it requires you to have some FREE Google Adwords credit. In my case, it costed me almost $60 credit to succeed. So please keep this in mind!

I think no one, especially new users, would feel 2GB is attractive in comparison to Google Drive or Amazon Cloud Drive; therefore I really wish Dropbox to enlarge its free plan to 5GB as soon as possible in response to those giant players.